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Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee History

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is widely revered as the world’s best coffee. The original plant was brought to Jamaica by order of King Louis XV of France. The great secret of the coffee resides in three factors, high altitude, volcanic soil and the remarkable care of the beans.

High Altitude

The Jamaican Blue Mountains are a majestic range of mountains forming the virtual backbone of Jamaica rising over 7,000 feet above sea level. Annual rainfall is a mere 200 inches and average temperature hovers near 5°C, due to a dense cloud cover. These environmental factors slow down the maturation rate of the of the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee fruit to about 10 months from bloom to harvest, as compared to five or six elsewhere. This produces a larger more complex bean, with a concentration exquisite lavour.

Volcanic Soil

The Jamaica Blue Mountains are like all mountains in the Caribbean the above ocean peaks of ancient extinct Volcanoes. Through centuries of soil production, the nutrients deposited on the surface of these volcanoes are essentially a botanical super food. Centuries of biomass accumulation formed through the decomposition of various plant species has produced a top soil of exceptional quality. This nutrient rich soil helps form the rich untainted flavour of the coffee.

High Quality Standards

Since 1953, the Jamaican government has been protecting the quality of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. The Jamaican Coffee Industry Board initiated strict regulation of all Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. The regulations inform processors of acceptable levels of moisture content, bean size and other indicators of quality. Each and every shipment of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is cupped and evaluated by the coffee industry board through rigorous cupping and only if the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee meets their rigid standards is the shipment allowed to leave Jamaica.